Your Guide: Brian (Gus) Angus

Gus has spent the past several decades years living, working and travelling around the remote northern parts of Australia. During his working life as a tour guide, construction worker, mine supervisor, and truck driver, he has developed an in depth knowledge of both the country and the people who live and work there.

Make Your Own Adventure: tag along with Gus was born out of Gus’s love of the more remote parts of the country and his wish to share the experience of exploring it with others.

A mad keen fisherman and wildlife observer, Gus will guide you to the types of places you want to go – be they fishing spots, wildlife spotting areas, or geological, geographical, cultural or historical landmarks.

Gus is an extremely knowledgeable and experienced traveller and guide, who holds formal 4WD and First Aid qualifications. You can be confident of his commitment to your safe exploration of these wilderness areas, and of conducting your tour in an environmentally and culturally sensitive manner.