Answers to your frequently asked questions

No, Although 4WD training is useful, and we would certainly recommend that you have undertaken training before any big trip, it is not a requirement of Make Your Own Adventure that you be formally qualified. Gus will guide you safely along routes that are appropriate to your level of skill, and to the capability of your vehicle.

That depends on where you want to go, and what type of adventure you would like to have. Generlly a good, mechanically sound 4WD will be sufficient for most tours. We recommend that you have superior 4WD tyres fitted, and carry two spares. If you would like to undertake something more arduous – a trek through Arnhem Land to Nhulunbuy for example – you will need to have a top of the range vehice, equipped with a snorkel and good towing point.

Prior to booking your tour, Gus will discuss with you the type of terrain you are likely to encounter and the vehicle requirements as they relate to your proposed trip. While Gus will help out where and as he can with tools etc, your vehicle and its condition are your responsibility. We strongly recommend that you have the top roadside assistance motoring cover, as well as trave insurance.

Yes. If you don’t have a 4WD but wish to hire one, Gus can suggest hire car companies at your preferred departure point, and advise on the type of terrain that will be covered during the trip, and thus the type of vehicle you will require.

If you have an AWD or 2WD vehicle that you wish to travel in, Gus can advise on the type of tours that can be undertaken with these vehicles. Tours undertaken using WD and 2WD vehicles are necessarily limited by vehicle capability.

No. Daytrips are run in Gus’s own fully kitted out vehicle. You only need bring yourselves.

Make Your Own Adventure tours are fully self-catered. You will need to supply all of your own camping equipment, food, water, fuel and other supplies for the length of the trip. Upon booking your tour, Gus will advise you of what you will need to bring with you, and places along the route where further supplies may be obtained.

The price of the tour covers the agreed upon itinerary from start to finish. Apart from self-catering, all costs are built in to the quoted tour price. Any permits, camping fees etc that arise during the trip will have been accounted for in the quotation and will thus be covered by Make Your Own Adventure.

A camp cooking demonstration is included in every Make Your Own Adventure tour.

Flights to and from your start and end point are not included in the price of the tour. If you require such flights, Gus can advise you of the airlines that service your preferred route, but Make Your Own Adventure does not arrange or book airline tickets.

If you choose to undertake any extra tours or activities whilst on your Make Your Own Adventure Tour (a fishing charter or charter flight for example), these experiences must be arranged and paid for separately.  Make Your Own Adventure will guide you to a place which you can undertake fishing charters or charter flights, but does not organise or book these activities.

The length of your tour depends on you. Make Your Own Adventure will generally run tours for a minimum of 10 days, but tour lengths are negotiable. Tours are not regularly scheduled, and will be run as they are arranged. This means that you can negotiate the start date of your tour, and it can be run to your schedule.

In general, tours start from Queensland. Depending on numbers, tours may also be run from Western Australia.

Otherwise, depending on where you want to travel, alternative departure points can be arranged. Additional costs will apply for out-of-state start points, in order to cover the cost of Gus’s travel to your preferred place of departure.

Yes. Travel insurance is your responsibility, and is strongly recommended.

Gus will carry a satellite phone and either a ‘SPOT’ personal locator device or other satellite personal locator beacon for emergencies. Gus will also carry a First Aid Kit, and it is strongly recommended that you do the same.

Make Your Own Adventure does not carry radios.

There is no minimum number of vehicles required to run a tour. The number of vehicles des not affect the price of the tour for individual travellers however, and a minimum of six vehicles is preffered for optimum value for money.

Generally speaking, yes, although this is dependent on where you wish to travel. Some areas of remote Australia are designated ‘dry’ areas. When travelling through these areas we ask that no alcohol be carried or consumed. If your proposed tour will pass through ‘dry’ areas, Gus will inform you of this in advance.

No. Hunting is not permitted on any Make Your Own Adventure tour.

Make Your Own Adventure tours cover Far North Queensland and Cape York Peninsula, ‘Gulf Country’ (the land surrounding Gulf of Carpentaria in Queensland and the Northern Territory), other remote parts of the Northern Territory, as well as the Kimberly and Pilbara regions of Western Australia.

Tours of other regions are also available by negotiation, covering areas of south and central Queensland and Western Australia.

No. Make Your Own Adventure tours are premised on the fact that you are getting a knowledgeable and experienced guide through the areas you wish to travel. Having not travelled these routes extensively, Gus does not offer tours of these tracks.

The aim of Make Your Own Adventure tours is for you to design your itinerary. If the route you wish to follow, or the landmark you want to see, falls within Gus’s area of expertise then he is open to any suggestions you may have about your tour.

Yes. Gus will work with you to design the tor you want to have. The amount of input that you have into the type of tour you are undertaking is entirely up to you.

The nature of Make Your Own Adventure Tours means that much of your trip will likely be spent bush camping. Depending on where you want to travel and how you like to camp, the trip can be broken up with stays at designated camping grounds. On an average trip, Gus would aim to stay at a campground every two to three days.

As long as there is agreement amongst travellers and the length of the of the trip, and the group can then be flexible about altering the itinerary in order to remain within its allotted timeframe, Gus is hapy to accommodate such changes.

Yes. Contact Gus and he will discuss with you the types of tours available, and will attempt to either fit you in with an existing tour, or let you know when one is next scheduled.

Yes. Tours for solo travellers and/or single vehicles can be arranged. Such tours will necessarily be more expensive than group tours, however.

Not a problem. Contact Gus and he will be happy to field any other questions you may have.