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Use them as inspiration for your own custom Adventure, or call Gus to talk about where you would like to go.

Far North Queensland


Start: Forrest Beach

Gus will meet you at a pre-arranged pick-up point at the start of the day.

First Stop: Wallaman Falls via Karrima Range

First you’ll head off to Girringun National Park, along the Karrima Range rainforest drive, to view the magnificent Wallaman Falls – the highest, permanent single-drop waterfall in Australia. If you’re feeling adventurous, you cam=n choose to hike down to the bottom of the falls, while Gus prepares a barbeque lunch.

BBQ lunch at Wallaman Falls

Sit back and relax and Gus prepares a barbeque lunch with the falls as a stunning backdrop to your picnic.

Second Stop: Mt Fox

Next up is Mt Fox, a mountain crater formed by an extinct volcano, whose ast eruption took place 1000,000 years ago.

Third Stop: Paluma via Hidden Valley

A stunning rainforest drive, Gus will take you off road via Hidden Velley to Paluma, where you can have a rest and afternoon tea at the pub.

Afternoon tea at Paluma

All that sightseeing hungry/thirsty work? Time to stop for a spot of afternoon tea ahead of the drive home.

Home Time: Paluma to Ingham / Forrest Beach

At the end of the day, Gus will take you from Paluma back to Ingham / Forrest Beach, back to your pick-up point.


Cairns to Chillagoe – 204km (1 night)


Chillagoe to Dunbar – 304km (1 night)


Dunbar to Karumba – 269km (2 nights)


Karumba to Burketown – 296km (1 night)


Burketown to Lawn Hill – 209km (1 night)


Lawn Hill to Normanton – 436km (1 night)


Undurra to Ravenshow – 145km (1 night)


Ravenshow to Cairns via Mareeba – 151km

TOTAL KM – 2461km


DAY ONE – Cairns to Cooktown – 258 KILOMETERS

Day one starts at Cairns, and takes us to Cooktown along a scenic rainforest drive through the Daintree. Today’s drive is often steep, affording excellent views, and the opportunity to spot some of the unique local wildlife. During the drive we will pass through the town of Wujal Wujal on the Bloomfield river, then on to the Lions Den Hotel, a historical tin mining hotel, and in to Cooktown. Cooktown is a historic settlement, and is where captain Cook took his ship for repairs after an altercation with the barrier reef. It was also the stepping-off place for the Palmer river goldfield, where would-be gold miners had to walk  through the bush that local Aboriginal people called home, and faced strong objections to the presence of trespassing strangers.

Camp overnight at the Endeavoyr Falls (1 night)


DAY TWO – Cooktown-Lakefield NP – 200 KILOMETERS

Today we leave Cooktown and drive the battle camp road, the scene of battles between Aboriginal people and gold miners during the gold rush. Next, on to Lakefield National Park. First, we’ll head past Lakefield ranger offices, the site of the old Lakefield cattle station, and drive up and camp at Bizant, another old deserted cattle station. Now we are into the wetlands, home to a whole lot of wildlife – including the likes of crocodiles, waders, storks and cranes.

Camp overnight at Bizant Station (1 night)


DAY THREE – Lakefield-Archer river – 288 KILOMETERS

On the morning of Day Three, we travel first from camp at Bizant up to Musgrave – the old original repeater station for the overland telegraph station, and also the base for linesmen doing the line maintenance. Next, we move on to Coen, which was once the centre for a small goldmining industry. Supplies used to come in from nearby Port Stewart for both the mines an telegraph line. While we are at Coen, we will replenish our stores, top up our water, and then head on to Archer River Roadhouse for showers and a cold beer.

Overnight at Archer River Roadhouse (1 night)


DAY FOUR – Archer river-Chilli beach – 162 KILOMETERS

Day Four sees us turn off the main road one hundred kilometres up, and on to a rollercoaster ride into the Iron Range National Park and Chilli beach. Iron Range is characterised by New Guinea rain forest, where you might see birds such as Greater Palm Cockatoos, Eclectus Parrots, Wampooo and Torres Strait Pigeons. Animals such as Cuscus also live in the forest but are extremely shy, and also here is the very rare green tree python. Historical remains are also a feature of Iron Range, which in 1962 was the site of a simulated atomic bomb blast. Clearing and bunkers associated with this activity can still be seen today.

Overnight at Chilli Beach (1 night)


DAY FIVE – Chilli beach-Weipa – 285 KILOMETERS

Today we head into Weipa, the biggest town on the cape. Weipa’s main industry is bauxite mining, and it also serves as a port site for the region. Good shopping is available, and it’s an ideal place to stock up on food and fuel. Look around the town and beaches.

Overnight at Weipa (1 night)


DAY SIX – Weipa-Captain Billie’s Landing – 264 KILOMETERS

From Weipa, we will drive through to Morton Telegraph Station, have a rest stop at Bramwell Roadhouse and then move on to camp at Captain Billie’s Landing.

Overnight at Captain Billie’s Landing (1 night)


DAY SEVEN – Captain Billie’s Landing – Seisia – 180 KILOMETERS

On Day Seven we drive to Jardine River and cross on the ferry, then head on up t Seisia, and make arrangements to camp. Then on to the final 34 kilometers to the top of the Cape. An extra day can be spent at Seisia and a ferry can be caught to Thursday Island for those who are interested. The rest of the day will be free for sight seeing.

Camp at Seisia (2 nights)


DAY EIGHT – Seisia-Weipa – 338 kilometers

Fuel and camp.

Overnight at Weipa (1 night)


DAY NINE – Weipa – Musgrave – 369 KILOMETERS

Overnight at Musgrave (1 night)

DAY TEN – Musgrave – Mareeba – 341 KILOMETERS

End of tour.



Drive up Girrigun range (not Kirrama) through rainforest to the falls

spend time at the falls and have smooko . Billy tea scones , jam and cream at the falls park.

Move on to Broadwater park

Have a swim there and a rainforest walk.

To Lucinda via the Hinchinbrook look out through the old sugar towns of Macknade and Halifax.

It is in these places the sugar industry started in Ingham. Then on to the port town of Lucinda. A barbeque lunch along side the longest jetty in Australia seems in order here.

To Ingham via the Victoria mill

Largest sugar mill in the southern hemisphere, on to Mercers Lane in ingham where there is a mosaic of the history of the sugar industry and from there i will be honoured to buy a beer for all passengers in the pub with no beer. This pub is the original pub where the poem of the pub with no beer was penned later to be a best selling song for Slim Dusty  and from there back to respective accommodation.